Settlement Negotiations and Pleas

Evidence of offers, conduct or statements made during settlement negotiations regarding a claim that is disputed as to validity or amount are not admissible to prove liability or invalidity of the claim or its amount.  Minnesota Rule of Evidence 408.  Evidence that is otherwise discoverable is not excluded under Rule 408 simply because it was revealed during settlement negotiations.  Id.  Settlement negotiations may be admissible on a point other than validity or amount of a claim, such as bias of a witness, undue delay, or obstruction of process.  Id.  Evidence of payment or an offer to pay medical expenses resulting from an injury is not admissible to prove liability.  Minnesota Rule of Evidence 409.

Along the same lines as Rules 408 and 409, evidence of a withdrawn plea or an offer to plead guilty or nolo contendere to criminal charges is not admissible for or against the person making the plea. Minnesota Rule of Evidence 410.  Statements accompanying such a plea or offer to plead are likewise inadmissible. Id.